About us

Delta house started its own business since 1383 with less stock but Numerous goal.
During these years we could do so many things, small or big with attempt and effort.
Today, we could post over 100 persons with passing over 14 years of our entire business lifetime. We delivered many villas to our dear customers that we could register statistics over 99 percent satisfaction of services according to our dear customers’s answers and questions.
But at the first year of 1397 a new decision decided that to be expanding our rank and the tasks of our registration firm.
Today our purpose is that we can arrive the statistics of our business from 150 range of persons to over 500 persons till the end of the year of 97 and so we can post over 5000 persons till 1400...
We will prove that human can reach to anything he wants and everything is possible. Everything is good in our world... thank god
The big family of Delta House
Contact by e-mail: info@deltamaskaan.com Contact Real Estate Contact Number: 09116585616

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